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“What is a furry?”

Status: To be added to when I feel bored.

Furries are a loosely defined group of people who are broadly interested in anthropomorphic animals. These interests could include art, fiction, comics, movies, video games, roleplay, or just participating in other community events. Many furries (more than 90%, according to a FurScience survey) have a “fursona”, a furry character they identify with to some extent, but this is not a requirement. Some furries dress up as anthropomorphic animals (“fursuiting”), but this is definitely not required. (Fursuits are really expensive!)

A nonobvious observation: it’s pretty broadly accepted that the furry fandom includes birds, reptiles, and many other animals that don’t literally have fur. (Terms such as “avian” and “scalie” may be used to refer to such creatures more specifically.) To what extent anthropomorphized inanimate objects should also be included is a bit more of a gray area, but protogens, a vaguely draconic cyborg species, are popular in the fandom, and people seem to enjoy memeing about planesonas. Personally, I’ve talked to an anthropomorphic sack of flour on FurryMUCK. See the Updated Furry Alignment Chart for more examples and speculation.